Liora K has been exploring her world through photography since 2006, and has been deeply curious about the shifting and nuanced relationship between stories, cameras, and photographers. Liora engaged her interest with a degree in Fine Art Photography where she focused largely on the principles of art making and thoughtful critique rather than technical photographic methods. Intersectional feminist activism has always been a part of Liora’s photographic work and has been a guiding force in several internationally recognized and published projects such as The Feminist Photos, Attractive & Fat, and The Expose Project. 

Liora prefers to create stories and meaning with color and quality of light, focusing her post processing practices almost exclusively on colorand exposure adjustments.  She's firmly against liquefying or otherwise "perfecting" her subjects in her work, and instead chooses to emphasize the beauty of diverse organic forms. 

Since 2012, Liora's activist work has been published both nationally and internationally. Click here for a list of publications.

For more information on Liora's work, gallery, press, or work inquiries, or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.

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